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How Do You Rate With The Search Engines?

If you expect to have your work viewed by people using search services, then you need to be positioned in the first or second page (or within the top 20 - 25 returns) when someone uses a query that describes what you do.

Suggestions for using this page:

  • Think of several short 2 word or 3 word phrases that describes what you do ... it is essential to use descriptions that might be used by one of your average customers.

  • Do not use too broad a search query. For example, all clay artists would want a top position in "handmade pottery", but only 20 will get those spots. Instead, use something more specific like "clay wine goblets", or, "handmade coffee mugs", etc.

  • Type your first phrase into the search field - don't worry about keeping it within the box. Hit the "Search" button.  A new window will open with the results - our page will remain in the background.

  • Check to see if you are listed and if so, make a note of it. Write down the search service name, the query you used, your position, and the date.

  • When finished with that service, CLOSE the new window, then use the same phrase at the next search box, and hit the button again. Do this for each service.

  • Note:  Meta seach services are indicated by [brackets] and search directories by (parenthesis).














Congratulations if you are doing well!  If not, here are a few possible reasons:

Finally, recognize that the websites that came up during your search ARE your competiton on the WWW - when time allows, it would be a good idea to look at what they are doing.

  • Bookmark this page and stop back often to check your position at major search services.  If you are using Internet Explorer, all you have to do is click this link to immediately bookmark EC Gallery. If you are using Netscape, then press Ctrl + D on Windows (Command + D for Macs).