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Here are some tips for creating search engine friendly pages...

Develop a theme for each web page (and for your site as a whole) with the following list of strategies:

  1. Keywords in the <TITLE> tag(s)
  2. Keywords in the <META NAME="DESCRIPTION">  Note: The W3C recommends your page Description be no longer than 200 characters or approximately 25 words.
  3. Keywords in the <META NAME="KEYWORD"> ... place one space between individual words; do not use commas.
  4. Keywords in the <H1> or other section header tags
  5. Keywords in the text hyperlink and the anchor tag <A HREF="http://yourstudio.com/keyword.html">keyword</A>
  6. Keywords in the body text; Write your paragraphs so keywords appear in at least the topic and conclusion sentences.
  7. Keywords in the ALT tags.
  8. Keywords in the <!-- insert comments here --> comments tags
  9. Keywords in the <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="HIDDEN" VALUE="include list of keywords here"> the hidden type tag.
  10. Keywords in the URL or site address, e.g., http://www.keyword.com/keyword/keyword.html
  11. Follow your title with a short sentence restating your title.
  12. You should place the same "keyword or keyword phrase" at least twice in your description; and make sure to lead off your meta "keywords" with the same "keyword or keyword phrase" you placed in your title and meta "description".
  13. Finally, remember to sprinkle your targeted keyword or keyword phrases at least 3 to 4 times throughout the content.

If you wish to learn more, here is a well written tutorial about Search Engine Optimization

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