The purpose of the 15 word description is to help give EC visitors a sense of what you do. If the description you submit is well written, it will entice them to click your name to see your website.

Because your listing will already have your name visible, you do not need to repeat it in the description ~ that would actually be a wasted opportunity to use other pertinent keywords.
Here is an example of a well written description that does not exceed the requested 15 word maximum:

>> Carol Meyers - Chincoteague, VA - Classic / whimsical porcelain & earthenware teapots, cups & vases adorned with floral motiffs, imaginary creatures & animal life.

This concisely indicates the...

  • medium:  porcelain & earthenware;
  • work:  vases, cups, teapots;
  • design style:  classical & whimsical;
  • imagery:  floral, animal, imaginary.
    ...and is therefore a very effective description.