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Adding the EC Logo to Your Site

ElectronicCottage Online Art & Craft Gallery is open to any professional artist or craftsperson from anywhere in the world who is doing original handmade work. All exhibitors need to have an independent website, their own registered domain name, and need to meet the published criteria.

There is NO CHARGE for listing your name, town, state (or country), and 15 word description of your work in the medium of your choice, with your name hyperlinked directly to your website's home page.

The only request we make is a single return link to ElectronicCottage from either your home page, or your "Links" page, or your "contact page", or some other primary page on your site. You should do this as soon as possible after receiving our email acceptance message, and then be sure to notify us immediately so we can make your listing active.

[Note: We do not list every submission that we receive at EC, therefore, you should only add our return link logo to your own site after you receive a notification email from us!]

Reciprocal Link -- EC's Logo or Text -- Your Choice

We have several different link options for accepted exhibitors to use, so choose whichever one that you feel would look best on your site -- you can add an EC logo graphic or a text link, whichever you prefer (click for the TEXT LINK CODE). Note that if you are working with MS FrontPage and are uncertain how to do this, first read the directions at page bottom.

IMPORTANT!  If you know how to copy a graphic to your harddrive -- for uploading to your own online directory -- then it is definitely to your advantage to use LOGO OPTION 1. It is better because the logo will load more quickly for your visitors if it sits on your own server (the size is less than 2k). If you do not know how to do that, then you may need to use LOGO OPTION 2 below (or use a text link).

The easiest way to do all this is to just copy and paste the code onto your own HTML page [if you are not sure how to do "copy & paste", here are some quick instructions.]

Please Note! Many artists use hosting plans that include a "website builder", and those programs have their own way of doing things. If that applies to your site, then the instructions below may not work for you -- as they are based on traditional HTML construction -- and therefore you should add the EC return link to one of your pages in whatever way is best for your particular program. Remember to NOTIFY US when the link is in place!

BEST METHOD -- Uploading the Logo Graphic to Your Own Server:

EC GAllery Logo

FIRST: To get the EC Gallery logo onto your site, you need to copy it off this logo webpage and onto your own computer's harddrive. Position your mouse cursor/arrow directly over the logo graphic above, then...

    If you are working on a PC:
  • Right click your mouse, then scroll to "Save Picture As"; again click mouse button; save it to desktop using the same name we gave it.

    If you are using a Mac:

  • Click and hold on the image; move down the menu to "Save Image As"; release mouse button; save to desktop.

    Save logo as:     ECGlinklogo_sm.gif   (spell it *exactly* as we have it!)

SECOND: Click & drag the cursor over this following reciprocal linkage text to select it:

<A HREF="http://www.electroniccottage.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="ECGlinklogo_sm.gif" WIDTH="166" HEIGHT="38" BORDER="0" ALT="EC Gallery Handmade Art + Craft"></A>

Now, copy the text to your clipboard [on a PC, you can just use the keyboard commands Ctrl + c ; on a Mac, it would be Command + c].

If you are not sure how to do "copy & paste", here again are instructions.

THIRD: Open your own site's HTML page which is to have the logo. Position the cursor at the exact place on that page where the logo is to go, and paste the code which you just copied [on a PC, the paste command is Ctrl + v; on a Mac, it would be Command + v].

If you want to CENTER it, then add this tag at the very beginning:


And this tag at the very end:


If you need to add extra space above the logo, add as many break tags as necessary in front of the link code:


Once it is where you want it, SAVE that page.

FOURTH: Open your FTP software, upload to your website directory BOTH the EC member logo image AND the HTML page which has the coding.

FINALLY: Be certain to check the page live on the web... remember to hit your browser's "Refresh" button if you do not see the logo when you first open the page.

If you have a problem, describe it to us and we'll try to clear it up via email:  Contact Us

LOGO OPTIONS 2 -- Referencing the graphic from our server:

[A]   EC Gallery Small Logo

The coding will read:

<A HREF="http://www.electroniccottage.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://www.electroniccottage.com/logo/ECGlinklogo_sm.gif" WIDTH="166" HEIGHT="38" ALT="EC Gallery Handmade Art + Craft"></A>

[B]   EC Gallery Large Logo

The coding will read:

<A HREF="http://www.electroniccottage.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://www.electroniccottage.com/logo/ECGlinklogo_lg.gif" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="92" ALT="EC Gallery Handmade Art + Craft"></A>

Centering the Reciprocal Link

If you want to CENTER any of these EC links on your page, then add this tag at the very beginning:


And this tag at the very end:


Adding Extra Space

After you copy and paste the EC Gallery linkage code onto your own HTML page, you might find when you view it in your browser that you'd like to have a little more space around the logo or text. To do that, add this "break" tag either above or below:


If that is not enough space, add 2 "break" tags:

<BR> <BR>

Always doublecheck any changes to your site by visiting the page live on the web. If you do not see the changes the first time, remember to hit your "Refresh" or "Reload" button.

Once you get your link to EC Gallery active, please email us right away to let us know. Soon after we hear from you we will add your listing to our growing community of professional artists and craftspeople.



Copy & Paste this entire passage onto your page:

<FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica"><B>Proud to be an exhibiting member of the <A HREF="http://www.electroniccottage.com" TARGET="_blank">ElectronicCottage Online Arts & Crafts Gallery!</A></B></FONT>

FRONT PAGE:   Microsoft Front Page can sometimes cause problems for people who are following these instructions perfectly but have not mastered that program's idiosyncrasies.

  • Text:  In Normal (not HTML) view, go to Insert > Web Component > Advanced Controls > then click HTML, and type or paste text into the box.

  • Logo Graphic:  Go online to EC logo page > copy logo > while on-line, paste in centered on your page > select logo > click insert - hyperlink - then type   www.electroniccottage.com > save > publish.

    Contact Us  if you have any questions or suggestions...

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