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FAQ - General Information about EC Gallery

What are EC's goals?
·  How can I get my work listed at EC Gallery?
·  Who's behind EC Gallery?
·  How can I get into EC's Search Engine?
·  Can I get the cart icon if I have secure ordering?
·  How can I get the reciprocal linkage code?
·  How can I update my EC Gallery listing?
·  Is EC Gallery showing up in the major search engines?

>> "What are EC's goals?"

First - More visitors and sales for all of us.

We have attended seminars and read numerous books by Internet entrepreneurs that all say the same thing: by linking into "portals", the individual small business website is more likely to flourish. Restaurants learned decades ago that "clustering" increased everybody's income. So, in that sense we are art-clustering!

Second - We want to help everyone exhibiting at EC get better rankings in the search engines.

Search engines use many different criteria for their ranking systems, and one of them that is often used is how many places a website is linked into. By having your site linked into an established online gallery like ElectronicCottage.com, and having us linked into you, we all get an "extra point" so to speak, with some search engines. This is why we should all develop as many reciprocal relationships as possible, especially in areas where art/craft collectors are likely to browse.

Finally - We want to give site visitors the opportunity to quickly find what they are looking for, in a direct and efficient manner.

We believe that ease of navigation, and quality selections, will over time build a significant customer base. We want these folks to turn to ElectronicCottage as a "gallery of choice" when they are looking to purchase original handmade work for themselves or as gifts. Thus, as the public learns to purchase personal items such as art/craft work, we will all be solidly in place to reap the benefits.  

>> "How can I get my work listed at ElectronicCottage Gallery?"

Go to our Submission Page, read the criteria, and if your work fits, fill out the online form and hit Send... we'll take it from there.  

>> "Who's behind EC GALLERY?"

Steve Reynolds and Ann Contois.  We have been in the arts field since the mid-70's, and have our own website for our stained glass work listed at ElectronicCottage, in the GLASS category. Between 1980 and 2000 we exhibited at nearly 300 juried shows. We have been doing originally designed and handmade stained glass work since 1975, have been designing websites since January 1996.

We are also the founders of the Juried OnLine Arts Festival, one of the first (and now most prominent) of all the online galleries.

In addition, we were both West Virginia members of the "Peer Advisor Network" (PAN); served on the board of advisors for the "Education Alliance"; and are past board members of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).  

>> "How can I get my site picked up by EC's Search Engine?"

NOTE:  This feature is available only AFTER your site is first listed at EC.

All new exhibitors send us their keyword information at point of application, so your listing will automatically be included in the search database about two weeks after the search spider re-crawls the full site. The purpose of this in-site search engine is to get customers to the items they want as directly as possible.  

>> "Can I get the cart icon if I have secure ordering?"

Yes, but again, only after you provide the return link to EC. Once you notify us that the return link is in place, we'll add your listing and your keywords to the gallery. If you have secure online ordering at the point of submission, then we will immediately add the cart icon next to your name. If you become an exhibitor at EC and only afterwards get a secure cart, you can notify us to have the icon added.  

>> "How can I get the reciprocal linkage code?"

This is the coding we would like placed either on your "Links" page, or at the bottom of your Home page.

You can use one of our EC Gallery logos, located online for easy retrieval. These logos will visually associate you in the mind of the visitor with an established gallery, which is good for everyone's credibility. If you do not want to use the graphic we provide, then you are welcome to use a text only return link.

Go to: EC Gallery Logos & Text Code

Please email us when you have the return link in place, and include the page address where we can find that link. Very soon thereafter we'll add your listing to your medium at ElectronicCottage.  

>> "How can I update my EC Gallery listing?"

You can send us this information by using the EC Update Form.

We will make the following changes to your EC listing at no charge:

  • If you have a new website address (URL);
  • Or a new location (town/state or town/country) because your studio has moved;
  • Or if you need the shopping cart icon.

    However, if you need your 15 word description changed, or, if you need to be placed in a different category, then there is a $5 charge. You can use the EC secure cart to send your payment.  

    >> "Is EC Gallery showing up in the major search engines?"

    We have a very prominent presence in the top search engine indexes ~ generally, EC will show up within the top 10 to 20 results for most queries which apply to the world of handmade arts and crafts. As more artists continue to link into EC, that position will just get stronger.

    >> CONTACT:  If you have any questions or suggestions, you can [Contact Us]


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