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  • Current exhibitors: If you already have an existing listing at EC and only need to update that information, use our [UPDATE FORM]
  • EC Submission Form ~ Page 2 ~ New Exhibitor Listing

    Much of the information you submit on this page will make up the text content of your listing ~ please be sure to be thorough & accurate.

    • Only one listing per studio;
    • You must already have your own registered domain name;
    • Your email address is kept absolutely confidential and is not placed anywhere on EC;
    • Please only make a submission if you meet the published [criteria] on our previous page ~ we are unable to respond to applicants that have not followed our clearly written instructions.


    • You should capitalize where it is appropriate, but...
    • Do *not* use ALLCAPS (your submission will be deleted);
    • For consistency, please submit all information using English.

    STEP 1:  FIRST... Use this pull down menu to select your CATEGORY / MEDIUM:

    · START HERE ==>   [click arrow, then scroll]

    STEP 2: After selecting your category above, add these listing details...
    Please provide your OWN full name (couples working together are OK) ~ this is how your hyperlink will look. We do not ever list by business EXCEPT for the "Galleries" category. If you want to include your studio name, do so in the 15 word description (below at mid-page).  Here's [why] we list by name only.
  • Artist(s) Full Name for Listing:
  • Do you have your own registered domain name?    Yes    Not yet
  • Website URL:
  • (We need your email for our own offline records only ~ it is not published on EC Gallery)
  • Artist E-mail:
  • USA: Town & State:
  • If NOT USA - Town & Country:
  • Do you have secure online ordering on your site? Yes   Not yet
    • Do *not* repeat your name in the 15 word description of your work;
    • You may however include your studio name here *if it differs* from your name;
    • Capitalize only where appropriate - do *not* capitalize every single word;
    • Please use all English phrasing;
    • Use a descriptive sentence that accurately portrays the kind of work that you do.
    • Do NOT use any phrases such as "lowest prices" or "best value" ~ it is insulting to your work.
    • We may edit any description that is more than 15 words;
    • Think your wording out very carefully ~ if you need it changed after your site is added to EC, there is a $5 charge;
    • If you are unsure how to write an effective description, view this [SAMPLE LISTING].

  • Short description of your original art/craft work, in English with proper sentence structure.
    Limit is about 15 words max... see [SAMPLE]:

  • Provide a total of 10 individual keywords about your work for the EC search engine... all lower case; separate each word with a space: [SAMPLE]

  • Approximately how long has your site been active on the WWW?
    Less than 1 year   1 to 2 years   2 to 4 years   More than 4 years
  • NEXT: Please tell us how you learned about ElectronicCottage Gallery. This will help us determine what we are doing correctly so we can continue to improve the gallery promotion. Click whichever box or boxes are appropriate:

  • Link on another exhibitor's website
  • Email message from EC Gallery
  • Email message from friend
  • Was it a Search Engine listing?
  • Press story
  • Message at online forum
  • Other
  • If a search engine...

    Which one?
    What was your search query?

    Please note: If your site is to be included at EC, it will be necessary to provide the exact page location of our return link in a separate reply email (not in the box below!) ... we will send that email to you soon. Because we cannot accept all submissions, you should not add our return link at your own site until after you hear back from us.
    Any final comments or suggestions?
    LAST STEP:  Before submitting the site information for your free listing at EC Gallery, please make sure you filled out every relevant section; also, check your spelling, email address, and website URL ~ if it is wrong no one will find you!

    We make every effort to respond within 4 to 5 days to every bona fide application that has been properly filled out and where the criteria is followed (there are of course occasions where we are away from the studio).

    However... We do not necessarily reply to submissions that are so far outside our [published criteria] that it is obvious those requirements were not even read.

    When you click the "Send Listing" button below, you'll get a copy of your submission in this same browser window ~ you can copy and paste that info into a text document for your own records.

    ** If for any reason this form does not submit properly, please

    SUBMIT: Press once until button darkens & "blinks"
    Only one listing per studio!
    Again please note: Your listing will only be made active after you add the EC Gallery return link to your site... we email easy-to-follow instructions to all accepted exhibitors.


    == EC Gallery is powered by the Juried OnLine Arts Festival ===>>

    To avoid any confusion & subsequent problems with submissions that appear borderline in regards to the published criteria, EC must retain final approval on all additions to the online gallery.

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